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11th July

Cyber Security Evening

Online Event

Event Type

July 11, 2020


6PM – 7:30PM


~1.5 Hours


About the Event

A virtual evening with developers and industry experts from the Cyber Security space in Pakistan. Join to us for an exciting keynote talk and a panel discussion around landscape of cyber security industry in Pakistan.

The aim of this event is to give an introduction of the overall Cyber Security landscape of the country. Developers will get to know about Cyber Security, its applications and the relevant jobs available in Pakistan.

Our experts are from all sectors like Banking, Government and Development as well. They will share their knowledge and experience about the how Cyber Security Developers are utilized for maintaining data, application and information security in their projects etc.

Speaker Lineup

Shamail Khan

Lead Information Security Engineer @ Tranchulas

Authorization Issues in Modern Applications

Panel Discussion

Landscape of Cyber Security Industry in Pakistan

Usama Maqbool

Cyber Security Analyst @ VaporVM


Ammar Jaffri

Founder E-Pakistan & Ex ADG - FIA

Ammar Jaffri

Ibad Shah

Head of Cyber Security @ JS Bank

Ibad Shah

Khaula Karim

Application Security Analyst @ Telenor Microfinance Bank

Khaula Karim

Maria Khan

Information Security Analyst @ The First Microfinance Bank

Maria Khan

Detailed Schedule

Authorization Issues in Modern Applications

Shamail Khan - Lead Information Security Engineer @ Tranchulas

Introducing our speaker for the event, Shamail Ali Khan, Lead Information Security Engineer at Tranchulas. Shamail will be talking about CyberSecurity & Authorization Issues in Modern Applications.

Landscape of Cyber Security Industry in Pakistan

Usama Maqbool (Moderator), Ammar Jaffri, Ibad Shah, Khaula Karim & Maria Khan

Introducing our esteemed panelists for the main session of this event about “The landscape of Cyber Security Industry in Pakistan”.

We are super excited to host: Mr. Ammar Jaffri (Founder E-Pakistan & Ex ADG FIA) Ibad Shah (Head of Cyber Security @ JS Bank) Khaula Karim (Application Security Analyst @ Telenor Microfinance Bank) Maria Khan (Information Security Analyst @ The First Microfinance Bank) The panel will be moderated by Usama Maqbool (Cyber Security Analyst @ VaporVM)

Developers supporting developers

Have questions, a big problem, or advice. Our speakers and event hosts are always
ready to assist and help the community thrive.

Fully Interactive

Our online events give you the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, just like with face-to-face sessions.

Live Q&A Session

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Live Coding

Real world use cases to demonstrate actual problems faced when working on projects. You get to experience a live coding session with each part thoroughly explained by our experienced speakers.

Event Description

As our reliance on IT systems increases, the number of cases where these systems are compromised increases too. With stakeholders expecting unparalleled level of quality of services/products from businesses, the need for better information security has never been higher.

Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

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