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30th June

Let Recruiters Find You

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Online Event

Event Type

June 30, 2020


6 PM – 7 PM


~1 Hour


About the Event

Devenings in collaboration with Minerva is bringing you a special event where Recruiters and Top Developers will share how you can build your online profile and dev portfolio in order to get more traction and better career opportunities!

This event aims to connect developers with recruitment specialists from the industry to answer their questions and queries about the recruitment process of companies and how the candidates are finalized and evaluated.

After listening to the specific modules that we have designed, the developers will have basic knowledge about how to apply for different job openings and how to be the best candidate among the applications.

Our experts will tell you their opinions and experience in their diverse recruitment career and a career as a developer before that.

Speaker Lineup

Building your Dev Portfolio

Anum Sadiq

Co founder at Devenings & Consultant @ IBM

Anum Sadiq

Wajahat Karim

Google Developer Expert - Android

Wajahat Karim

Atiq Ur Rehman

Freelance Software Developer

Atiq Ur Rehman

How recruiters review

Jawad Sadiq

Founder - Devenings

Jawad Sadiq

Sana Khalid

Personal Branding Strategist @ Minerva

Sana Khalid

Fatemah Sajwani

Head of Business Recruiting @ KeepTruckin

Fatemah Sajwani

Haris Salman

Technical Recruiter @ KeepTruckin

Haris Salman

Detailed Schedule

Building your dev portfolio

Anum Sadiq, Wajahat Karim & Atiq ur Rehman

Learn how to build an excellent dev portfolio online and showcase all your tech and dev endeavors in their full glory!
We will be live in conversation with Anum Sadiq, Consultant at IBM, Wajahat Karim, Pakistan’s first GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Android and Atiq Ur Rehman, one of the few Pakistani software engineers who contribute regularly online and are found in the top 1% devs on stackoverflow!

How recruiters review

Jawad Sadiq, Sana Khalid, Fatemah Sajwani & Haris Salman

Do you have tons of work experience but aren’t getting interview calls after you apply for a job? Do you want to be visible online to more recruiters? Or are you just graduating and want to know what exactly recruiters are looking for?
Fatemah Sajwani, the Head of Business Recruitment at KeepTruckin and Haris Salman, Lead Technical Recruiter at KeepTruckin would be online this Tuesday in conversation with Jawad Sadiq, Founder Devenings and Sana Khalid, Personal Branding Strategist at Minerva.
Both Fatemah & Haris review over 1000 CV’s on a weekly basis and have tons on insights and advice on how you can do better in getting shortlisted for your interviews!

Developers supporting developers

Have questions, a big problem, or advice. Our speakers and event hosts are always
ready to assist and help the community thrive.

Fully Interactive

Our online events give you the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, just like with face-to-face sessions.

Live Q&A Session

Got a question or didn't get that last bit. Our speakers and panelists engage in a live question and answer session and are more than happy to assist and guide wherever possible.

Live Coding

Real world use cases to demonstrate actual problems faced when working on projects. You get to experience a live coding session with each part thoroughly explained by our experienced speakers.

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Minerva is a brand consultancy firm specializing in helping organizations build thriving teams that deliver superior results. Offering immersive learning experiences through creative workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions and personal branding programs, Minerva has helped thousands of students, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders find their way to greater opportunities.

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