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Connecting local developers offline through local community meetups, workshops, trainings and casual gatherings.

Regardless of their format, meetups are a great way to connect with the wider community, develop new insights about the industry’s latest developments, and help the local community grow their knowledge base. To keep things interesting, we at Devenings organize meetups around varying themes and formats.

A casual monthly gathering for all local software developers

Irrespective of the tools, technologies and products they work on. Devenings aims to have regular community meetups with:

A monthly theme

A monthly theme

A unique theme based around some of the most popular programming languages in use and focusing on specific use case scenarios.

Open to all developers

Open to all developers

Open access for anyone to attend, irrespective of the tools and technologies they work with. Anyone who loves to code, or appreciates good elegant code can join!

A Global Community

A Global Community

Open access to developers in other cities around the world to register, create their own chapter and host a monthly event based on the monthly theme.

Local Community Meetups

Get immersed in learning and fun at events created by and for the community.

Connecting local developers via real world offline community events for networking, knowledge sharing and fun! Community meetups are the best places to meet other members from your local tech industry, exchange ideas and learn new things. These members-only events, both in-person and virtual, range in scale and format to deliver results that elevate the tech community.

Workshops & Trainings

Watch live and on-demand videos from experts on today's most in-demand skills.

Instructor-led workshops and classes that demonstrate real-world use cases. An online workshop is the online equivalent of being in a training room and learning together as a group through collaborative activities, but stretched out over several weeks.

Need based training sessions and workshops can be arranged for educational institutions, corporates and SMEs for any programming language, Dev tool and platform.

Game Jams

Challenging core competencies through engaging and fun Game-based activities

Local and national eGaming competitions and game development hackathons to be arranged in collaboration with universities and leading institutions. Game Jams offer a fun way to test user understanding of key as well as advanced development concepts and most importantly enables participants to develop deeper connections within their local industry.


Carefully curated courses to level up your skills

Exclusive high quality focused session with Industry experts for those special outliers who are already doing a great job at developing software and just need that one last push to be at the top

Developing the best talent has always been at the heart of Devenings and our Masterclasses will be geared towards preparing the most talented developers to raise the bar even higher.

A community driven approach to
building skills and careers

While all of the above are doing a great job of focusing on things such as Ideas, Inspiration, Creativity, Digital Skills, Digital Awareness, Product / Business Development, Policy Making, Civic Innovations and Entrepreneurship – I have been unable to find one community that:

Meets regularly and not just once or twice a year to talk about code and software development – development not just as a service but as a dynamic, never-ending process

Talks about software developers – developers as creatives who don’t only write code, but solve complex problems – what is best for them, what skills should they focus on to make the most of their time, how can they manage their work-life balance.

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