A casual monthly gathering for all local software developers irrespective of the tools, technologies and products they work on. Devenings will:
  • have a monthly theme.
  • be open to anyone to attend, irrespective of the tools & technologies they work with. Any who loves to code, or appreciates good elegant code can join!
  • be open to developers in other cities around the world to register, create their own chapter and host a monthly event based on the monthly theme.

Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Face to face connections — Because we believe it is still the best way for understanding people and connecting with them.
  • Build confidence, communication and problem solving skills — With help of ice breaker activities, networking sessions and panel discussions
  • Learn about local trends and problems — What projects, programming languages and tools are trending locally, top emerging technologies, what are the top local problems to be solved.
  • Grow together — By sharing knowledge and helping each other.

However, the real reward from a community cannot be quantified as Abhinav Asthana, CEO of Postman says:

“This ‘real response’ factor can be priceless for both the programmers and the organizers of the community. As an organizer, providing immediate gratification to and from community members creates a consistent flow of communication that brings awareness to bugs, suggestions for better tools and features that can help everyone become better developers”

and in Adrian Bridgwater’s words

Asthana insists that people-to-people knowledge is key. He says that fostering a spontaneous community provides developers with a platform to connect with each other as both individuals and as groups. The goal here is the creation of a meaningful network of [human] connections where the sharing of knowledge is both impulsive and instinctive.

Your friendly neighborhood (software) developer community

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