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19th Oct '19

Dev Community Meetup - Lahore

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Daftarkhwan Central


October 19, 2019


3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


~3 Hours


About the Event

Calling all Developers and technical co-founders of local startups in Lahore to join us for a power-packed session to learn why GoLang is the stack of the future and how to build hardware startups from experts with decades of experience building products in the Silicon Valley!


The event will be graced by two amazing guest speakers from KeepTruckin USA. Talks will be followed by refreshments and a networking session.

Speaker Lineup

Adler Camacho

Sr. Engineering Manager @ KeepTruckin

It's a GO for KT

Adler Camacho

Seth Spiel

Product Manager @ KeepTruckin

Creating successful hardware startups

Seth Spiel

Detailed Schedule

It's a GO for KT

Adler Camacho - Sr. Engineering Manager @ KeepTruckin

Adler has led several teams at startups in Silicon Valley that got acquired or went public, like Agile Software, CafePress, and 41st Parameter.


In his talk he will be talking about GoLang, the most promising programming language of 2019, and his Journey of selecting GoLang as the tech stack of the future for KeepTruckin.

Creating successful hardware startups

Seth Spiel - Product Manager @ KeepTruckin

Seth has over a decade in hardware design, supply chain and product management experience in Silicon Valley. He’s spent time at large Fortune 500 companies like Cisco and successful startups like Meraki and SpaceX valued at $1.2 billion and $36 billion, respectively. He’s delivered over a dozen products in his career leading to $0.75 billion in sales, as well as, creating technology that enables continuous resupply of the International Space Station.


His talk will be an introduction to creating successful hardware startups. He will be talking about defensible business models, identifying core strategy, finding compatible partnerships and execution!

Refreshments and Networking

Developers supporting developers

Have questions, a big problem, or advice. Our speakers and event hosts are always
ready to assist and help the community thrive.

Fully Interactive

Our online events give you the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, just like with face-to-face sessions.

Live Q&A Session

Got a question or didn't get that last bit. Our speakers and panelists engage in a live question and answer session and are more than happy to assist and guide wherever possible.

Live Coding

Real world use cases to demonstrate actual problems faced when working on projects. You get to experience a live coding session with each part thoroughly explained by our experienced speakers.

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