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28th Nov

Episode 2

Android: Fastest Finger First

In collaboration with

5 Part Online Event

Event Type

November 28, 2020


6 PM – 7 PM


~1 Hour


About the Event

The second in a series of events focusing on Modern Android Development that aims to bring together top android developers from around the world for an evening of learning, curiosity and code!

Android: Fastest Finger First are a series of 5 online competitions that we’re arranging in collaboration with Google Developers.

Each competition will include a talk by an expert on a MAD: Modern Android Development skill that will focus on teaching you how to use the latest technologies of Modern Android Development to create better applications more easily. The talks will be followed by an online quiz prepared by the speaker. The 3 fastest fingers in that Quiz will get exciting surprises from Daraz!

Speaker Lineup

Arbaz Pirwani

Software Engineer @ Bazaar

The second session will be given by Mr. Arbaz Pirwani who’s a Software Engineer at Bazaar with extensive experience in Android development. He will be joining us straight from Karachi and shed some light on Modern Android Development using Kotlin.

Detailed Schedule

MAD with Kotlin

Software Engineer @ Bazaar

Arbaz will be talking about how to write better Android apps with Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language used by over 60% of professional Android developers that helps boost productivity, developer satisfaction, and code safety.

Developers supporting developers

Have questions, a big problem, or advice. Our speakers and event hosts are always
ready to assist and help the community thrive.

Fully Interactive

Our online events give you the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, just like with face-to-face sessions.

Live Q&A Session

Got a question or didn't get that last bit. Our speakers and panelists engage in a live question and answer session and are more than happy to assist and guide wherever possible.

Live Quiz

Each session will end with an online quiz prepared by the speaker. The 3 FASTEST FINGERS in the Quiz will get to win an exciting prize!

In Collaboration with

GDG Islamabad, a part of Google Developers Group, aims to  create meaningful engagements via community building initiatives.  A GDG meetup event includes talks on a wide range of technical topics where you can learn new skills through hands-on workshops. The GDG community prides itself on being an inclusive environment where everyone and anyone interested in tech – from beginner developers to experienced professionals – all are welcome to join.

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